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Has The Me Too Movement Gone Too Far?

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For a few years now the Me too movement has been on the rise and so has the amount of allegations brought against men. Some men’s names we expected to be on the list of abusers but other names have caught us completely off guard. A lot of high profile people have been caught up in this storm of sexual abuse and allegations. From the president to the lieutenant governor of Virginia there have been many allegations thrown around about alledged abuse of women and children. Some cases have merit and have been well documented and some cases are mere hearsay. I have no problem with well-documented cases coming forth but my problem is with the lack of fair treatment of those who are only facing allegations of wrongdoing where no credible proof has been put forth.

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Along with the allegations equals guilt trend that is happening but there are other issues that are becoming a major issue as well. That being that all men are being put in the same box with some masculine truths about men being labeled as toxic. There is even a new phrase that has been coined for this new revelation. Yes, toxic masculinity is a real thing and I don’t rightfully as a man know how to feel about that. On one Hand, I want to respect womanhood and all that being a woman entails but at the same time I am confused. For one, how is it that women want men to appreciate and respect womanhood but then turn and make being a man criminal.

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I was raised to give compliments to women and to be polite not because I wanted a woman, but because my family taught me that women should feel safe around me. I guess what I was taught would be considered rapey by today’s standards. Again allow me to invigorate how much I am against anyone hurting women and children that to me is just disgusting. Anyone taking advantage of innocent women and children is the lowest kind of person in my book. However, we can’t paint with such a broad brush that we lose sight of the fact that there have been men wrongfully accused and not every guy that compliments a woman want to rape her.


Sengbe Ben Yosef

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