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The New Classism /the two nations

To VAX or not to VAX that is the question on the minds of a lot of people in the world today. However, in this post I do not want go too much into detail about the vaccine or weather people should take it or not. Instead, I want to raise a few questions about where we are headed with regards to individual rights. Since the pandemic started there has been confusing information coming from the Government the CDC and Big Pharma. It began with stay-at-home orders later mask mandates and finally vaccines. None of the info given to the public has been constant yet we are to follow blindly and not question a thing the Government says. That seems odd for any nation but ever more so for a nation like the United States of America. America is said to be the leader of the free world and model for individual rights and freedom. But these days it does not seem to be that at all and it is starting to seem more like a tinpot dictatorship.

I assure you I am not here to bash America because in my travels to other nations and my close friendships with people from around the world I have come to understand that America is one of the freer nations in the world. With that said I also must acknowledge the fact that America has been hell for some of its citizens both past and present day. We all know the history of this nation from the removal of the Aboriginal peoples to the enslavement of Africans the mistreatment of Asians, Irish, Italian to Jim-Crow and beyond. We all should understand the sins of our nation and understand them well and we should asking do we want to return to the ugliness that was America. Ugliness is happening right now in this nation with regards to how we are framing this issue about people getting vaccinated.

Because of our fears about the virus and the vaccine we are about to create a new structure for classism and a new path that leads to discriminating against another group of people. Do we really need a new group of people to discriminate against? I mean we already have Niggers Kikes Spics Wops Chinks Polacks Faggots Hicks and the list goes on and on. I guess now we can add to that growing list of people we mistreat and hate simply because they view things a little different and they do not look like us. Now we will have people called the Vaxed and another group called the un-Vaxed. These two groups will now be at war and one must ask is it necessary? If the science is still up in the air and no one has definitive answers, why are we so in a rush to fix something when we do not have proof of anything being broken?

I read somewhere that one of the founders of this nation said something to the effect of (Those who would sacrifice liberty and freedom for a little bit of safety and security deserved neither liberty or freedom). I guess that man had hope that a better nation would emerge out of the ashes of the American revolution. I do not have all the answers but I doubt that creating a new class system is going to save us from this pandemic. The way forward is going to be determined by those who are brave enough to trust in one another and those who are willing to allow freedom of choice. When this all began the human body that God created or nature for those of you who do not believe in God has serve us well for more years than be counted. Why don’t we put a little more faith in that and cut off this foolishness before it starts?

After all is not our war against the virus and sickness? If so, why are we making preparation for war on other human beings? Every day in the world people die from disease and I thought our job was to show compassion for those who are sick or at risk of becoming sick. No one wants to die and I fully understand that but I do not think many people consider how they die. Do you want to die a fearful person who is willing to impression people for making their own health choices? I remember when Aids and HIV was new on the minds of the public and most people wanted nothing to do with anyone suspected of having Aids or HIV. I recall the government giving out info that later proved to be wrong and because of that people panicking and mistreating sick people because of their fears. Turns out the government was wrong about a lot of shit and the people did not have to fear the myths about Aids and HIV.

I remember when my dad died back in 1989 and my uncle who was gay and a man with HIV came to the funeral. Everyone treated my uncle like he had the plague and I remember being so angry at members of my own family for how they treated him. That day I said to myself I am willing to face death if it means I must treat my own this way and so I walked over to him shook his hand and hug him. That day lives with me and the fact that he died alone and my dad’s side of the family did not tell us until he was dead and buried. I still feel like a coward even though I tried to make a connection and be there for him. I saw the people in my family as cowards too. Here it was that one of our own was dying and all they could think of their own self-preservation. That is how I see America right now with this pandemic. We are a nation of cowards willing to watch our friends and family die alone over the myths of this virus.

In time the truth about this virus will become known and we will see that it was much to do about nothing. We will see eventually that once again our fearful nature leads us down the wrong road and into the mouth of evil where man’s inhumanity towards man prevailed again. Weather you choose to VAX or not no one should treat you like a second-class citizen based cloudy information and daily retracted science. Before we take away the right of people to live in a free society the burden of proof must met beyond a single doubt. We should never suffer our rights and liberties to be taking over half-truths' fuzzy math and myths. If this nation is to last beyond these next few years the American people must stand up and ban together to safeguard freedom justice and equality not just for those we like or agree with but for all peoples. No matter Vaxed or un-Vaxed this must remain a nation for the people of the people and by the people. If we allow this virus to take that then there is no point to America and we should just crawl in and graves and die.

Sengbe Ben Yosef

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