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A Deeper Look Kyrie Irving

The Story Of When A Black Man Thinks Out Loud

By now, we all have heard about the controversy over Kyrie Irving's Twitter post from a few weeks ago. I will not speak much about whether the post was right or wrong. Nor will I say whether the post was antisemitic or not. My reason for not talking about those issues is simply because I don't feel Kyrie was posting to harm any group or attack Jewish people. I believe Kyrie was merely trying to share what he found interesting about this movie with his people. Rather than talk about these silly narratives created by the media, I will take a deeper look at why a so-called black man can't seem to freely express an opinion on anything without receiving backlash from everyone.

As so-called black people living in America, we know that the worst thing you can do is show the system that you can think for yourself. Even worse than thinking for yourself is showing that you have an opinion about something. Throughout the history of America, there has been a constant effort to silence and erase so-called black people. It began with the stealing of our lands all around the world and with the raping of our culture. It ends with the imprisonment of both the black mind and body. Although we have primarily freed our black bodies, there is still much to be done in the fight for black minds. The system seems to be hell-bent on keeping the mind suppressed and away from any knowledge of self.

Their desire to suppress the black mind, my friends, is the true reason for the system coming down on Kyrie Irving. This war that the system has waged against Kyrie is not new, nor is it the first time they have attacked Kyrie for having an opinion or speaking out. If you recall, Kyrie spoke about his belief in the flat earth theory a few years ago, and things got ugly between Kyrie and the media. As a result, of Kyrie's flat earth statements, the system quickly shunned Kyrie, calling him crazy and lost. I am not saying I believe the flat earth theory, but I find it quite odd that the media got so involved with the beliefs and opinions of a basketball player. They went out of their way to ensure everyone condemned Kyrie for his opinion on the flat earth theory. They called Kyrie crazy and called for public shaming of Kyrie by his fans, friends, and colleagues.

The next strike against Kyrie came midway through the pandemic during the rollout of the vaccine and the introduction of a federal mandate saying everyone had to be vaccinated. As we all know, Kyrie spoke up and stood firm on his right to control what went into his body. The system did not like that, considering how much they had hoped for total compliance from all Americans. The system again moved quickly to condemn Kyrie, saying his stance on the vaccine would be responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans. It turns out Kyrie had good reason to worry about the shot and the effect the vaccine may have on his health. This year more info and data on the jab have come out, and a lot of the news doesn't look good for those who took the shot. Kyrie was right to stand up for himself in the face of all the pressure put on him and others who refused the jab.

Kyrie was not allowed to work like many other Americans who stood up for themselves against medical tyranny. While I don't have much faith in men, I am glad to learn that the courts in New York State have sided with the people regarding a person's right to have complete autonomy over one's body. I think everyone missed the point that was being made by Kyrie during that time because, as I say, no one wants to hear from black men on any subject, let alone on matters concerning the liberation of the black mind. They want men like Kyrie to shut up and dribble. They refuse to see so-called black as people with their minds intake or as free human beings. America is still holding on to the belief that they own black America and that the only thoughts and opinions we should have are the ones they give us.

So, Kyrie Irving is not under attack over some off-brand documentary he linked to his tweeter page. Kyrie is under attack for having the audacity to have a point of view concerning how he should think and feel about his own life. They are making an example of Kyrie to show what could happen to those who get out of line. Beware all who dare to have their own opinions, expressions, or belief in self-determination. Thinkers, beware lest you suffer the same fate as Kyrie.

You may think this is about race or religion, but you would be wrong. This controversy is not about Kyrie Irving's movie choices. It concerns the people who like to work under the cover of darkness doing evil. The powers that be worry the masses seeing them for fear that they may overthrow them. I speak of the system that openly tries to control us through division and deception. Their fear is about the light that we shine upon the powers that be when we go against the narratives put forth by the elites. This fight is about the exposure of their lies when met by truth and nothing more. Their goal is for us to remain in our places or to make sure we meet with the wrath of the unseen hand of the system if we don't stay in our place.

In closing, I want to say I think it's way past time we started looking into things a little deeper and analyzing for ourselves before choosing sides on these kinds of issues. Kyrie stated in a press conference that he felt dehumanized by the media's questions about his Twitter post. Looking at the subject through a wider lens, one can see how that could reign true from Kyrie's perspective. Looking at where Kyrie sits, you could easily see this was never about race or religion. It becomes clear what this was about when we consider Kyrie never said a hateful word or let slip the slightest slur against the Jewish people. So, what, then, is this game they play about? It's about what it is always about for so-called black people in America and the world. This game is about the system maintaining control over so-called black people's minds and the system's fight to preserve the last remanence of the slave era.

Dear so-called black people, it is time to take back our righteous minds and be unapologetic about who and what we are. The time for explaining ourselves is over and done. We must not be swayed from our goal of total liberation of mind, body, and spirit simply because someone else misunderstands what we are discussing. As much as we have been offended, the world shouldn't say a word against us when we speak for justice. Until the world shows compassion for the so-called black nations of the world, we should remain steadfast in the fight. We should not feel shame when we speak against the oppressors of our people. No, we should be encouraged to speak out, no matter who is guilty of oppressing so-called black people.

Thank you to Kyrie Irving for standing up and pushing back against the system. Thank you to all of the men and women past, present, and future who found or find themselves standing up for the people. You are indeed the children of God. Remember, we are more than flash, and we are more than skin. We are the creation of the true and living God, and it may seem we are alone, but we are never alone because God's force is always with us.

Sengbe Ben Yosef

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