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Where We Stand

Hello friends! It’s been a while since we last spoke. The world has been turned upside down any many ways. Most notably the pandemic, the shutdowns and racial tensions have been the leading causes for most of the world's troubles. In the last few years, we have witnessed the rise and fall of one of the most polarizing presidents in the history of the United States of America. We are also bearing witness to the hostile takeover of America by the so-called ruling classes with the aid of our elected officials. If ever there were a time where we could say that the world was in trouble, that time is now. The pandemic and racial strife are just the tipping point of the issues we face in this world gone mad.

With regards to our government and elected officials who were put in place to safeguard the rights of the people. They have instead chosen to uphold the rights and freedoms of corporations and not to defend the rights and liberties of the people to whom they swore an oath. Our government has neglected the constitution and the laws and principles upon which the constitution was founded. The government would rather trample the human rights of its people than to find reasonable solutions to the medical and racial issues we face. They would rather strip us of our human autonomy of mind and body than to find a common ground upon which we can build. They would rather we simply die and go away quietly and not utter so much a word in defense of our own right to life liberty and happiness.

These are the times we find ourselves in and it seems the American people are on their own. We now know we can ill afford to look to our government for solutions or fair treatment under law. They have turned their backs on us and failed to hear our petitions for fair treatment. Instead of fair treatment and civil discourse we met with corporate mandates disguised as governmental rulings. They say we are free but what is freedom worth if one has no control over one’s own body and mind? Are we free if we are forced to speak only the words that are handed down to us by government or corporate entities? Where is the freedom when I can’t say no to untested medical experiments?

Speaking on freedoms, we also find ourselves in the midst of a cancel culture revolution and what I feel is a full-frontal attack on freedom of speech. We are in a space and time where your verbal expression of thought can cause you to be ostracized by society. We live in a world where freedom of speech has to take a backseat to the personal feelings of an individual. We are no longer free to say what we think even when what we think is true. The line between fact and fiction no longer exists and it has become a matter of who can best who in the war of human emotions. We are at a point where our emotional trash can be argued into form of truth so long as we have an audience of people who will allow themselves to be emotionally blackmailed.

Our government is using this cancel culture and the atmosphere that it has created to silence the people on issues and things that the cancel culture was meant to empower people on. The government is preying on the emotional state of the people in these trying times. They should be ashamed but as we can see they are not ashamed at all. They are misusing movements (BLM LBGTQ and ME TOO) and other causes to further their agenda of control over the governed. One would think that the people would be aware of these sorts of tactics given the history of our nation. They co-opt and infiltrate your movements and leave you looking in from the outside. Does BLM LBGTQ or Me TOO really believe that the government or its corporate backers really cares if you get equality and justice? All too often people on a whole forget the lessons of history so it seems we are destined now to repeat them.

In the last few years, we have had to come to terms with some ugly facts about the world and our government. Number one the world and America is way more corrupt and racist than we thought or have been led to believe. As for my people of my likeness and my kind we have always known this fact. But the world and America have done a great job of pretending all is well despite the fact that anyone could see that something is amiss if they only cared to open their eyes to the truth. But as we know, everyone does a great job of sticking their heads in the sand when it comes time to take real action against oppression. I hope the people wake up before it’s too late.

So, here we are my friends face with some tough choices with regards to how we move forward in the world and this nation. Will we go softly into that goodnight or will we fight to the bitter end to safeguard our way of life. I feel we will make the right choice in the end but only time will tell if I am right. Until next time my friends. This is Sengbe Ben Yosef signing off. My hope is that God will keep you and yours protected in these dark days. I read somewhere that justice takes the long way around but it never fails to come back around. On that I have hang my hopes for now. Be a light for those who have no light and be love for those who have lost all love. Peace!!!

Sengbe Ben Yosef

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