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What is Freedom of Speech???

Protected Hate Speech

For many years in this country there has been the turmoil of racism and racist ideologies and in large part, it has been an agenda of the rich and powerful to use racism as a tool to keep control of the masses of the American people. If one would but take a cursory glance at history you can quickly pick out certain patterns in the way rich and wealthy men have used race as a control; not only for people outside of their racial makeup but also as a tool against their people.

The power elites have learned long ago how to play upon people’s fears and ignorance’s. So I’m not surprised at the things the rich and powerful men say about people of different races and ethnic background but I am surprised to see that the American people are still mental slaves to these old parlor tricks played by the ruling class or should I say asses? One would think that by now all people could see that this is the same divide and concur strategy used in years past. They keep us at odds with one another while they steal the resources of the world for themselves.

After you understand this how could any responsible American stand for what men like Donald Trump and the Koch brothers have been saying in the last few years? When you consider the level of racial tension in this country, it is highly irresponsible for anyone to insight people to be hateful. Yet this type of hate speech and redirect is being spudded about so casually by these weak minded me. How is that we are allowing these men to yell fire in a crowded theater? Why are we so eager to stamp out those in our society who are stand up for the rights of all humans by bringing attention to the mistreatment.

The whole mess brings to mind the question, what is freedom of speech in America these days? I mean have we become so controlled that we can’t see what’s happening? To me it seems we have become a nation of cowards, just another people who willingly go along with what our government says until groups of people end up in the oven. Then we are sorry and ashamed of ourselves but we had the power to change things before they got out of control and we had to do was speak up. The people at the top rule over us because of ignorance and fear and our refusal to call out those among us that would attempt to hide behind freedom of speech.

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