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On The Question Of Reparation

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In America, there has been a question on how the so-called African should be compensated for the many years of forced slavery and oppressive treatment that has taken place during and soon after slavery. For some merely freeing the African is enough and they feel America doesn’t owe the African any more consideration on the matter. In spite of the fact that every group that has been wronged by the American government has been compensated in some way America still feels it owes the sons and daughters of former slaves nothing.

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America has paid the sons and daughters of the aboriginals. She has paid the sons and daughters of Japanese internment victims. Hell America has and continues to support the victims of the Holocaust through payment of American tax dollars to the State of Israel. Yet, there is no money for the restoration of a people who through no fault of their own find themselves in this land. Some think the issue is all about the money but I assure you it was never about the money. The African has always been inventive and found ways to provide for themselves even in America’s darkest hours.

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The real question on reparations has to do with self-determination and the understanding that this is what has been stolen and denied the African for all these years. Taking away the right to govern one’s own life and the lives of those whom they love are the crimes in what America did to the African. Some government officials have admitted the wrongdoing of America when it comes to the ex-slave and the children of ex-slaves but they fall short on the question of repaying the African for the wrong done. Some can only see repaying the African as a solution only if they can directly control what happens after repayment. Again they are doing a far worse crime than slavery because they are once again standing in the way of self-determination.

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I and many other people of African descent want nothing more than to be left alone. When the African was left alone the African created whole societies that still marvel the world to this day. When the African was left alone at the end of bond slavery in America the African created whole communities full of wealth and industry. America needs to let go of all thoughts that America has the right to determine what will become of the African. America should only be focused on paying proper compensation to those they have wronged. That compensation should come in the form of money, land grants and real changes to the laws and constitution of this nation.

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When America takes a full reversal on the Dread Scott decision of 1856 and strikes down the 3/5’s rule concerning blacks in the constitution. Only then will American be making any real progress on the issue of reparations. Also, America must make good on some kind of monetary compensation or whatever America decides will not be enough. America must also understand that the payment of reparations is not a handout it is the rightful inheritance of the children of ex-slaves for their ancestors forced investments of blood sweat and tears. America must restore those whom they have robbed of humanity dignity and self-determination for the betterment of us all. Should America choose to continue to ignore this matter America will forever be a nation drunk with the stupidity of racism classism and hate.


Sengbe Ben Yosef

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