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First there was The Book Of Secrets, then the follow up with For The People. And now Ridgley Makins is back again with his new album Mean World. As always Ridgley has hard hitting lyrics accompanied by his own brand of soulful music. The first two albums were raw in their feel, but well done, and now Ridgley has refined the sound and made some of his best work to date. All I can say is wow!!! This is one of the best unsigned artist around. If you don’t have this work in your collection you’re missing out big time on some of the best soul R&B out there. So do your self a favor and get this music. Independent artist like this need our support and I can stress that enough. So friends get your copy now. I know you’re going to love it, because I do. This Mark Ballard signing off until next time. I want to say GOD BLESS & always listen to good music.

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