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The Glory of Racism

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We have all heard the chant “Make America Great Again” but what does that really mean to us? As a man who has lived in this nation all my life I have never seen a time when America has lived up to the greatness proclaimed by so many of its Anglo citizens. In fact, I have never read a single history book that could attest to the greatness of America. Unless you count cruelty and hatred as greatness then what we call America has never been great. America has always been hell for those groups of people outside of the Anglo race. I guess if the extermination of the aboriginal and the enslavement of Africans is greatness then indeed America is as great as a nation state can get.

From the genocide of indigenous peoples, to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, from Wounded Knee to black bodies being burned to a crisp near southern roadways; we have yet to see anything great in America. This nation has been since the beginning a grand collage of racial indifference hatred war and fear. The founders wrote some of the most amazing words in the declaration of independence the bill of rights and the constitution but only if those words were true for all people then I imagine America would have reached greatness long ago. Unfortunately for none- Anglos those word were intended to defend the liberty and rights of the Anglo races and had nothing to do with the black and brown people who faced the tyranny of the founders of this nation.

Fast forward to today and you can see the same hate and fear that gave birth to this nation of bigots and mad men. With the rise of Trump you can see America slipping backward in time to reclaim her place as the evilest bitch on the planet. America is going back not forward and anyone who would claim otherwise is either a delusional idiot or a crazed lunatic who delights in the prospect of continuing the genocide of aboriginal back and brown people. This nation is bathing in the blood of black brown and poor people of every color. If they mean by greatness that America will return to a time when black and brown people were mistreated and enslaved or to a time where the rights of workers had to be paid for in the blood of the worker; then yes America is indeed on the path.

When I was in my sate of ignorance and young I really didn’t understand the totality of what was really happening in America. But, now that I have had 46 years to come of age and enlighten myself I can now see both the glory and hypocrisy of the constitution of these United States. On one hand we have cruel and obsidious men of the highest degree of evil and on the other hand we have those same men as unwitting pawns being use by the spirit of the most high to write a document that would seal the fate of every racist scumbag to call themselves Americans. Who would have thought that men like Thomas Jefferson would help to frame a document that would someday smash every deep held belief of white superiority in America? Just think, Jefferson and his other salve holding cohorts by writing the constitution were undermining their own evil empire.

With the writing of the constitution these men we call the founders set America on a course that we cannot go back from less all be lost. You see, now that the words have said and taking on a life of their own we must live out the true creed of those words or forever doomed to cycles of fear and hatred. Truths like all men being created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights given to them by god can no long be swept aside whenever we find it convenient. When the words were declared and the ink put to paper America was undenounced to the founders signing an oath in blood with the most high to be a compassionate nation with love for all men. I am sure the founders believe they were securing their legacy as superior white men but they were doing just the opposite. All my life I was told not to play with words or to say things I don’t mean that’s because words have power.

America try as you may you can never return to your past days of slavery genocide and racism because you have spoken the words of peace liberty and justice and from that there is no turning back America. Your glorious past of conquest and brutality is over America, and you shall never see a time again when your racist savagery will go unchallenged. There shall always be true Americans waiting on the battle field to war against your racist ideas and your small minded views of what America is or isn’t and we shall never give in. The greatness that was once set against the backdrop of lies hate and fear will be no more as we replace them with love compassion and understanding for all Americans with no respect to race creed color or lifestyle choice. We will live together as one people America or face the never ending destruction of God’s holy wrath.  I ask you now America to give up the glory of racism and seek the face of the most high.

May God save this nation but only if she repents her evil ways and turn over a new leaf.

Peace and blessings.

Sengbe Ben Yosef.

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