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The Devil or The Devil

Everyone is mad at Donald Drumpf aka Donald Trump for running a racist campaign but we should be saluting him for single-handedly showing the world that we don’t live in a post-racial utopia in America. America has never been the great melting pot. Americans know this deep down but never really wanted to admit it until now. Thanks in large part to Obama being elected and most recently thanks to Donald Trump running a well-received racist political campaign. Thanks to those events all of America is seeing firsthand what my people have been saying all along about this country.

Thank you, Donald, for proving the   Supreme Court has a bunch of racist assholes on it that should be impeached. The Supreme Court has been out of touch for many years and with some their more recent decisions they have proven themselves unworthy to sit on the highest court in the land. In the past the courts got a lot of thing wrong but before some could argue America was in her youth back then and like a youthful child she made her fair share of mistakes. In the civil rights era, the courts became the last bastion of hope for the people and many times the court came down on the right side of just when it came to race. So I guess one could say things were looking up for a few years. Look at the courts now in chief justices Roberts post-racial America and what do you see?

Thank you, Donald, for exposing every racist news reporter that tries to rationalize your madness. The media has always had a racist slant to it but in recent years that was not so obvious to all of the Americans as it is today. Who am I kidding it’s been obvious to anyone who really cared to see.  But now that Trump has started his campaign of race baiting and fear mongering, people should be able    to see clearly how the media has been working to make Trump seem like he is more than a racist bigot. Let’s be clear Trump is a sick man who cares for no one but himself. Take note how the media tries to play down Donald’s racist rants and even when Trump himself can’t defend his words the media bails him out. They don’t out and out defend him but they always leave the door open for him to escape having to answer real question about the things he has said. By the media not confronting Donald head on the media is sanctioning the views of a racist and saying it’s alright to be a racist.

I have others to thank as well. Everyone seems to be high on Hillary Clinton these days but I can’t see why because in my mind Hillary is just as racist as Trump, all be it Clinton is better at hiding her racist view but not really. Question for so-called black people; why are you so mad at Trump and allowing the democ-rats to play you on the race issue? They are just as racist as The Trump Gang. Hillary and Bill put more blacks in chains than any racist rat could dream possible. Hillary and her patronizing style of politics should be just as unwelcome as Donald’s racist pandering. Clinton doesn’t care about the people of America and she damn sure doesn’t care about the issues facing black and brown people in this country. How cold hearted of a bitch is she?  I mean, she didn’t say a word about police brutality and the death of young so-called blacks    at the time some of the high profile cases were in the public eye, only to turn around and walk with the mothers of these young people to get votes.

They say we should vote for Donald because he is going to make America great again but what does that even mean? I have lived in America all my life and I have never seen her greatness. I have read a lot of real history and I still can’t see anything great about this nation. I will admit America has always had great promise but greatness she has never archived that feat and from the looks of thing she never will.  Then they tell me if you don’t like Donald’s horse droppings cast your vote for Hillary because she is going to make America whole again. Sounds nice doesn’t it, well, at least, it’s a damn sight better than the other guy right? Well to that I say, I have searched the records and I couldn’t find a single time after 1492 that the land we call America was whole. Really, can someone please tell me what Hillary is talking about? Does she mean whole like when whole bunches of so-called white folks got together to rape rob and lynch my ancestors? I don’t care how they say it they are still talking the same mess, they both just happen to choose different words to say the same ugliness.

Who are you going to vote for this presidential election cycle? Will you vote for the devil or the devil? I don’t know about you all but the choice of the lesser devil never made any sense to me at all. You can continue down that road but not me I have other plans. Think I’ll sit this one out and watch the political games because neither side has anything worth fighting for. Good luck America because with choices like Hillary and Donald this country is headed deeper into the hole, the shithole that is. America this is Sengbe Ben Yosef signing off, thank you for taking the time to hear my views. I welcome any of you who want to share in this dialog to leave your comments below and thanks again.

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