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Still Public Enemy Number One


One of the all-time great Hip Hop bands is back with a new free album. The album is titled “Nothing Is Quick In The Desert” and it features cameos from some the greatest rapper from 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s. Some of the features are from the west coast legend Ice T and east coast bad boy from the Onyx Sticky Fingers. Like, always PE provides the listeners with some food for thought and musically Public Enemy has always given us a hard edge blind of Rock and Hip Hop. Chuck is always Chuck but I have gained a new respect for his abilities as an MC. Chuck’s voice was always the hook for me when I listened to PE and he does not disappoint on this album.


I was missing the rebel feel that Public Enemy gave to Hip Hop and after listening to this album I so happy that Public Enemy picked this time to release a much-needed relief from all the nonsense in Hip Hop. Today’s artists have lost their way and it makes feel good inside that PE came back hard on the political tip. I hope that younger artist will listen and take note of what Hip Hop becoming from the people in the Struggle. PE is still Public Enemy number one and the rebirth of rebel music back. The beats are nasty and lyrics reach into your mind and pulls out the rebel inside. They are going to make it popular to be an MC saying something.


This album platinum even if the industry disagrees we need to make this pop. The time has come for a change from the mainstream ignorance that has become Hip Hop. Public Enemy has cemented their place in history a long time ago but with this one, they have propelled themselves into the god realm. They changed the game back in the in the early days of Hip Hop and they now transforming what it means to do Hip Hop music. I recommend this album for every person who has been waiting for rappers to push the political envelope. PE is smashing on the system once again if you miss it you will never forgive yourself. This is dope fly fresh and to quote the younger generation this album is lit for sure.

Download The Abum


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Sengbe Ben Yosef

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