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Funsho to Release New Single “Romance” on 11/13

To Whom It May Concern, Maryland based, Nigerian RnB singer, Funsho is set to release his new single titled “Romance” on November 13th 2020. Funsho, who recently got engaged to Media Personality, Marketing guru, and Selffull CEO, Raro Lae says “This has been a very eventful, and life changing year for me, and many. Amidst all the unprecedented craziness, I’ve found love, and inspiration. This record is dedicated to the new chapter of my life.”

NUMB3RZ was released in May 2019. This song speaks of romance as a lost art in music, and modern life in general. The song nostalgically reminisces on the heart felt lyrics, and emotional melodies of RnB classics such as Earth Wind and Fire’s “Devotion,” and Rick James’ “Fire and Desire.” With this soulful, heart warming ode to his new fiancé, Funsho hopes to appeal to the romantic in all of us. Romance will be available for streaming, and download on all platforms on November 13th 2020! You can Pre-Save Romance to your Spotify playlist now by clicking below!

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