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New Music Video From Funsho


    The artist Funsho is back with a brand new single entitled

LEGENDS 4 LIFE. For those of you who have never heard of Funsho, you may remember him from the 2018 season of THE VOICE a popular music showcase program that airs on the NBC network.  In spite of Funsho’s talent and popularity among the viewers of the show, he was knocked out of the contest. However, it didn’t take Funsho long to bounce back.  It’s always nice to see a young artist persevere and overcome adversity. As for those of you who follow the blog you may recall our 2016 article with Funsho entitled FUNSHO. Now Funsho is back to further dazzle us with his talents and skills.

    Funsho has always made music with lots of heart and soul and that hasn’t changed. He never ceases to amaze us with his music and his level of talent. This new single is a fun track, yet it still has lots of sex appeal and soulfulness. This may be Funsho’s break out moment in the music industry and I believe he is on a path to further showcase the talent that was passed over by fans of

THE VOICE. The new music video is equally impressive and also fun to watch. The director Alex Acosta and his team did an excellent job with the production and they should be proud of their work.

    As the lyrics in the song suggest Funsho is feeling himself and he should be very proud of what he has accomplished in the last year or so. The music and lyrical selections are well thought out for this track. The performance by  Funsho is excellent both on the track and in the music video. I highly recommend that you go watch Funsho’s

LEGENDS 4 LIFE. This artist and his music have never disappointed me and I am sure you will love Funsho’s music as much as I do. To get more info on Funsho and his music check him out on the web and follow him across all social media platforms. It is always my pleasure to present new work by Funsho because he deserves recognition. So, friends please support this artist he is going to be something wonderful to behold in the coming years.


Sengbe Ben Yosef

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