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Stealing The Show

Stealing the show

The fight  for the movement and who controls the narrative.

After many days and nights of careful reflection on the issues of race in America that has come front and center as of late because of the protest of Colin Kaepernick Ex-NFL Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL Quarterback started a firestorm last season by taking a seat during the playing of the National anthem.  Later in an interview, Colin gave his reasons for not standing during the anthem. Kaepernick said he could not rise for the flag or national anthem after seeing unarmed men and women being murdered by the police and the police getting off scott-free. Colin also raised some other true but disturbing points about the American justice system and the treatment of black and brown people.  He pointed out the fact that basic freedoms were being denied to poor people and people of color in general.  When you look at what’s been taking place over the last few years you would think that no one could fault Colin for what he was doing. If you thought that was the case, you would be sadly mistaken because in America no person of color has the right to speak out against America and the injustices that take place under her stars and stripes.








Sengbe Ben Yosef


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