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Something Like A Movie

fight for flint

The Flint water crises have a strange resemblance to a movie called “Three The Hard Way”. A movie I saw as a young boy growing up in the ghettos of Washington D.C. and I guess you could say the movie is almost prophetic in the way it predicts that a secret organization would someday poison the water supply in areas where so-called black and brown people reside in an effort to kill them off. When I was young I watched the movie mainly because it was one of the few times I got to see black action hero’s on television. Ex-football stars Jim Brown and Fred Williamson along with martial arts great Jim Kelly were the main characters in this film. Outside of the black spoliation films that came on T.V. during the weekend, there was only O.J. Simpson on the occasional Hertz rental car ads. The Plot Begins

The plot of the movie of the movie didn’t involve the government but the organization in the film resembled the government in a lot of ways. The organization has lots of connections in the government. It also had large sums of money resources and scientist supporting their efforts to wipe out the black and brown populations in America’s major cities. They even named Detroit and the surrounding areas as targets in the movie. They also named Washington D.C. Los Angeles and Atlanta Georgia as targets and when we look at reports on the water supply in those areas of the country we see some strange things going on with the water and the people’s health in those regions.

I know; I’m a conspiracy nut, right? Wrong; because you would have to be a nuts not to believe in conspiracies. Nearly everything in our lives comes out of some form of conspiracy; if we go by the definition of the word our life is filled with conspiracy. What does conspiracy mean? Well according to the dictionary a conspiracy is any of the follow: 1.The act of conspiring.  2. An evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; a plot.  3. Any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.  You get the picture by now right? Your clothing is the fruit of a conspiracy made by business men.

Given what we know about Flint and other parts of the country and the fail by the government to fix the water issues around the nation, I guess it’s safe to say it is a conspiracy of sorts. The government is either a willing participant in the water crises in Flint and other parts of the country or they are incompetent as hell. Either way you look at it the government is culpable for the crimes committed on the people of Flint. The government is supposed to protect the people against things like this but I guess when the government is the one doing the damage they can afford to look the other way.

Who would have ever thought that a movie plot from my childhood would become a real life drama being played out on the people in our communities? But here we are right smack in the middle of the second act but the only difference is there’s no Jim Brown Fred Williamson or Jim Kelly in sight.  Then it is up to the people to save themselves from the evil plots of the unsavory organizations bent on destroying the health of certain segments of the American population.  We must take matters into our own hands and begin to take the government to task over its abuses of the people.  It is high time we made them understand government works for the good of the people. Ain’t no one coming to save us and we best start coming up with solutions to save our own to save us.

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