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Score One For The Devil

The elections are over and it seems America chose one of the lesser evils but is that what really happen? Have the people really picked the next president or was that decided long before any ballots were cast? Let look into the election and see if we can gain an understand the big picture because if may be the difference between the life or death of this country. Every person who is an astute learner of America history should understand by now that the system is fixed. I guess Donald didn’t lie about everything? The system we have has been controlled from its birth. The system was designed to control the unsuspecting masses for the benefit of a few.

This whole election the people have been pulled between two very despicable people. One being the president-elect Donald J. Trump and the other being Hillary Rodham Clinton. The media and those controlling the media lead the American people to believe these were the best two that America has to offer and nothing could have been further from the truth. In fact, America has many beautiful and qualified people who would have done a much better job of bringing people together. And I don’t mean any of the other loony’s running on the ballot either. They are just as confused and Trump and Clinton and please don’t start that Bernie Sanders crap either. He was nothing more than a pawn in the larger game played on the American people.

The choices you had on Election Day were all a product of a system that spawns deception and none of them should be trusted with the due diligence of research. As for the main choices on the ballot in both Donald and Hillary we were given the choice of racism or corruption and it is no surprise given America’s history that the racist sentiments put forth by Trump ruled the day. It’s not like choosing Hillary’s corruption path would make a difference in the lives of honest hard working people. She is just as crazy as Donald and I believe her to be under the control of the same forces that work to hold the human family in captivity. The same can be said for Donald as well.

Now for my final points about this mess, we find ourselves in with the whole system of elections and politics in this country. I want to first ask all of you to step away from the talking points that have been handed to you by the controlled media and see this election for what it really was and will continue to be if we don’t wise up and think about what they are really offering us. If you went into the voting booth and cast a ballot for either Hillary or Trump then you, my friend have just sold your soul. Here’s what I mean: For any person who has a mind of decency or shred of integrity and they even considered Donald or Hillary a real chose I would have to say that person has betrayed their own values. If you are asked to choose between racism and corruption how could you in good continence cast a ballot?

Sometimes it’s better to abstain from involving yourself than to run the risk of dealing with the devil. On last Tuesday the elitist brought the souls of millions of unaware Americans and it wouldn’t have mattered either way because the lesser of two evils is still evil.

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