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Saying Goodbye to Ali

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Young Fighter

In addition to changing his name, Ali also became a member of the hated and feared religious group called the Nation of Islam ; lead by the honorable Elijah Muhammad . The Nation of Islam was seen by the American media as a hate group in those days because they spoke out against racist America and the treatment of black people. Many white and black American’s didn’t like the fact that Ali would join such a group. The establishment didn’t like the idea that a black man whom they had esteemed in the boxing world would go and do something like that. Ali was someone whom they felt owed them for his success in the boxing world and they saw his move to join the Nation as him turning his back on them. I personally don’t feel Ali was ever with them and I can’t understand why they would be mad. In 1967 Ali refused to be inducted into the United States armed forces a move that cost him the heavyweight boxing championship.


Muhammad The People's champ

Muhammad The Great

Muhammad Ali was a living example of black manhood and in these trying times, our people should take some time to reflect on the lessons Ali taught us and do our best to stand up as he did. I believe we can honor Ali best by doing some of what he did. Ali risked everything because he loved the people and we should do the same or we shouldn’t speak Ali’s name from our mouths. The great Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton once said: If you’re not going to do any revolutionary act, I don’t want my in your mouth; don’t even put my name on your mind. I feel that same thing can be said here about Muhammad Ali. If you’re not going to take a stand for the people then don’t have Ali on you mind. We salute the G.O.A.T. Muhammad Ali may he rest in peace. Also, we thank him for his service to humanity and although the world didn’t see his worth in the beginning we knew he was fighting for truth justice and equality. We could never repay him for what he has done but we can live our lives as better human beings to show appreciation to a man who gave us his all inside and outside of the boxing ring.

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