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Sad thing to hear…

  Today friends I feel a deep sense sadness in my heart. It’s not the kind of sadness one feels because you are personally sad; no, no, no that’s not the kind of sadness I’m speaking of today. I speak of the sadness that fills your heart when you hear of the unthinkable acts committed in the world we live in. This morning I turned on my television to see the morning news report and I was saddened in my heart by the news report and what I heard the reporter say. OH MY GOD WHY!!! I mean this report really struck my heart and troubled me in the deepest way imaginable. The reporter said a young mother and her child were found dead in the woods of Oxen Hills Maryland near a playground.

WHAT KIND OF PUNK M—– F—— WOULD DO SUCH A THING??? At first it enraged me to no end; to think that some coward could kill a woman in the first place, is an unimaginable thing for my mind to get hold of. Then I tried to get my mind around the fact that someone could be so heartless and kill a baby as well. Oh GOD help me!!! Friends I tell you there is nothing so low in my mind as someone who would hurt an innocent child. I could hardly contain what I was feeling; I wanted to kick in the T.V. screen and grab the punk who did this by the neck and choke him or her to death.


mean really; I started to feel like less of a man; even though I did not know this woman or her child; I began to think; as a man I should be able to protected all the women and children of my community, from the cowards of the world. RIGHT???  Friends this woman could have been my sister or my daughter and that a lone pushes me to cold and dark place in my mind. That thought began to prompt other thoughts, like where are the men in our community that will stand up to protect the women and children? Who will stand at the gate to defend the young and the old from the attacks of these cowardly dogs who pray upon the weak? IS THER NO ONE? Brothers can’t we see what’s happening or do we even care? I want to know.

This came to me as well and I began to think long and hard on this question. Have we ourselves become so weak and cowardly that would allow our women and children to be victimized by the dogs of the Earth? BROTHERS ARE WE NOT BETTER THAN DOGS? Can we not protect our own communities from the cowards with in our neighborhoods? Look outside; you mean to tell me you can’t see the thugs and punks that are killing your children? I know you see them but you’re afraid to say something, but as long as they don’t bother you it’s alright? But that’s just it; they are bothering you. Every time one of these cowards commits a crime it is an act against your family and your rights to live in a community without fear.

I just had to say something or I would feel like less of a man. But now comes the hard part we all have to do something or else we are not fit to live in this world. GOD has given us the entire world for our hearts desirers and now we must being to look with in our hearts to see what it is we really desire. Friends if we would only take one step I am sure GOD will be with us. Come on we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I think I will spend the rest of the day thinking of ways to address the problems facing my people. But first let me pray. I hope GOD will allow me to have brake through and give me some insight; I need some answers for myself and my people. Let do something!!!!                             http:/

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