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Rome Is Burning


Starting with President Bush 43 the practice of abusing this tool was firmly established and in large part, nothing was done because Bush used 911 as his excuse for abusing this tool given to the president by the founders of what we a call America now. I do not believe the founders intend this tool to be used by the president in this manner. What I mean is they never intended to have this powerful tool used circumvent the power of the other two branches of government. I believe they tried to prevent the republic from been taken from the people by a runaway congress or judicial system. But now it seems the executive branch is content to use this tool and abused its power thereby turning our system of governance into monarchy ruled by kings rather than a republic ruled by the will of the people.

I know some who affiliate themselves with the Republican Party will say I’m singling out republican administrations and leaving the Democrats in the clear. To that I say, yes I am aware of the Democratic Party presidents who have used this tool but to me, they did so to maintain the balance of power in our system. For example, President Clinton handed some executive orders to protect national lands and to safeguard large swaps of land that the Republican congress wanted to hand over to large corporations. You know like Trump signing an executive order to keep oil pipeline going after President Obama shut it down with one of his last acts in office.

Speaking of Obama, I will agree that the way he set up the Affordable Health Care act was badly planned and the structure wasn’t thought out properly but the congress’ lack of action gave Obama no choice. Obama’s reason for having to use an executive order was because the congress had done nothing to assist the president in his efforts to pass a law that would help the people with their health care needs. In fact, I’m not sure Obama used the power his presidency enough considering the lack of action by the congress and slow pace of the judicial branch over the last 8 years. Also in the case of Obama, I don’t believe his move to use executive orders was done as a grab for power like Bush and now Trump. Trump has begun conducting himself more like a king rather than a public servant who work at the behest of the people.

Trump is operating like some of the strong man dictators we have seen in recent years than the dolly elected official he is and the bad part for America is we are supposed to be the good guys on the world stage. Even sadder is the fact that the congress and the judicial bodies are acting as if they have no power to stop him. It’s almost like they want to destroy our nation rather than save it. With the talk about constructing a wall, America is feeling more like a prison than a free nation. To be fair some in congress are talking but talk is not what the people hired them for or what the framers of the constitution intended them to be doing in a time like this.

No matter what political party you support you must see the rogue actions of the government as a threat to not only so-called blacks, browns, yellows, and reds but as a threat to all Americans and our way of life. I never fully felt like I was a part of this nation because I am what they call a black man. I have always seen myself as an outsider in this nation but when I was younger I held hope that one day this nation would respect all Peoples equally but it seems that day will never come. America is in for some rough days and it’s going to be even worse if the people don’t take back their government from these corporate lackeys posing as servants of the people. We are now in an emergency state and the people better come together or we will all be destroyed. They say emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned down around him and today it seems Trump and the congress are doing the same thing. Well, my friends, America is beginning to burn and Trump is reaching for the fiddle but what will you do?


Sengbe Ben Yosef ©2017

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