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Review Time/Dance with the Devil


Quick music review: This month we found something dope that needs to be heard by as many people as possible. This is a brand new track from a young man from New England. The rapper is 24 year old Pet; Wolf and the track is entitled “Dance with the Devil” and fam it’s a banger. The MC’in is on point for sure and the beat takes us back to a time where the hip hop sound was simple but trusts and believe ain’t nothing basic about Pet; Wolf. His style is for me is a cross between old school legends “Kool Keith” and pioneer rapper “Ice T.” but his subject matter is more like “Public Enemy” meets “Dread Prez”. The song swings you back and forth over all of the hot button issues of today but Pet does it with classic hip hop style and Pet’s I don’t give a funk attitude makes the track that much better. This is something you want to know about trust me. You’ll thank me later but now please enjoy “Dance with the Devil” by Pet; Wolf.

This week’s Quick Review by Sengbe Ben Yosef.

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