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Pure Hate


There are some good so called white folks in the world but for the most part, they have been successfully trained in the art of hating people of color. Most of them believe in this training and want to see all people of color dead. So you are wasting your time re-posting all these videos of so called Black people being murder by the police.  You cannot reason with someone who doesn’t believe what they’re doing is wrong. They see no wrong in killing people of color and feel nothing inside.

Let’s change the game up. Don’t get mad anymore let’s redirect our focus and change the way we protest.  We need a national dropout day. We need a day when all peoples no matter race, creed or shade of skin simply stay home. If you believe that what’s going on in America is unjust then let’s drop out and stay home and pray for our next step. Right now there is someone among us who has the answers we need. Let us pray that God brings that someone forth to teach the people in the ways of the new world.

In order to stop the injustices in the world, we must break the machine and the men and women behind the machine.  It is the machine of racism and capitalism run by greedy hateful people that have become the enemy of all humanity not just people of color even though we receive the brunt of the attack on humanity. If poor and middle class so called whites believe they will fare any better in a system that has no people of color they are sadly mistaken. A simple cursory glance at their history should show them otherwise.

They only have to go back to Adolph Hitler to see what happens to their people when they come down on the wrong side of justice. People often talk about the murder of the Jews and most never stop to consider the German people who were murdered by the millions because they followed a group of savage men who use hate to deceive a people. The German people paid a heavy price for their mistakes. Their biggest was not speaking out against men like Hitler and I would hate to see the people in this nation face the same downfall.

Now let’s get back to the issues that my people face in America with regards to race and oppression. We must first understand how right Martin Luther King Jr. was when he said: “I fear we have intergraded ourselves into a house that is already on fire”. From that, we must turn back to our former selves and take back control over our own destiny. Our people can no longer afford to submerge ourselves into the so-called melting pot of America. It simply has never held any promise for us. Until    this system learns to value our lives we need to step back from the table and not even seek a seat where we are not wanted. Instead, we must build our own table.

My people if you can hear me please; let us begin this work on our new nation because it is getting dark and I fear we will be overcome by what waits for us in the night. It is true we have many issues we must address like how we destroy one another and work against our own best interest but now we can no longer carry on with this distraction that keeps us from being a free people. Let us dedicate ourselves to one another. Let us mend the fences in our communities and lead our people to a new day. Now is the time to forgive your brothers and sisters for their wrongs. It is also time for you to seek their forgiveness.

We need to heal as a people if we hope to survive this latest attack on our people.  Our people can’t continue down this path, we must and can change our only other option is extinction. I want to live in a world where my people are proud upright and free before I die. I can’t reach this goal alone I need my people to back me up. That all I have for now if you think a national drop day is a good thing and you want to help organize one please let’s work together to make it happen. Until next time my people and remember I love you even when the doesn’t.


Sengbe Ben Yosef

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