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Prisoners of Lies

Today I want to talk to the people of America and at the same time, I want my words to be heard by my people.  Everyone knows the condition of things in America and the world with regards to all the problems we face as human beings living in an overtly racist society. There is way too much war, violence and hatred in the world. A lot of this is due to the fact that many of us are in an extreme state of confusion and willful ignorance. We are not really focusing on what’s really happening here at home in America and the world beyond. There is a lot of finger-pointing going on, and none of us have probably taken the time to really sit down and analyze what’s really going on. We are being lead to hell in America because of our desires to hold on to our sins while condemning others for what they do in life.

As we know the American political landscape is dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties. These parties make up more than 90% of the political views we hold as Americans. On one hand, we have a party of bigotry corporate greed and white nationalism. On the other hand, you have a party of snobbish corporate cronies and race-baiting agitators. Note I didn’t give either party exemption from being called racist because, in my opinion, both parties are equally racist. Both claim to be the friend of the people.  In truth, they are a bunch of backstabbing con artist running the ultimate hustle on the people by playing one against the other. They both promise their base supporters the desires of their hearts and they deliver nothing.

If you’re a race hating greedy bigot then more than likely you’re a member of the Republican party and proud of it. If you’re an uppity baby killing abortionist then you undoubtedly belong to the Democratic Party. Either way, you slice it, you are following the wrong value system and your mortal soul is at stake if you don’t change your ways. You can’t follow war mongering bigots into the kingdom of God and you damn sure can’t follow a sexually perverted baby killer into the kingdom either. Look, I am no saint but I have come to see the error in my ways as well as the faults in my thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great deal of sin in me but I can’t let that stop me from telling you the truth about the problems we are facing as human beings.

For a long time, I sat in silence saying nothing because of the shame of my sins and my not wanting to let go of my vices in life. I feel many people are caught in the same bag and have the same or similar feelings about what’s happening in the world but they have been bogged down by feelings of guilt and shame. I don’t belong to any religion or particular belief system but I do believe God and the universal laws of nature. I believe God is merciful to those seeking true reconciliation for their past human failings. If we seek truth in America we must confess the system has faults. We must also confess the faults that exist within the two political factions and how they contribute to our troubles here in America and the world. If we don’t find the courage to face what is true in life we will be like generations before us, consumed by our own destructive nature.

This next part is going to get me in a bit of hot water with a lot of people. Those close to me and people who don’t know me may find this next piece hard to hear. The reason I say this is because most people are not yet at a point in life where they can dialog about their issues openly. This, my friends, is what makes men and women slaves to a system run by deceivers and liars. Our inability to say what is true over what we believe or desire to be true is killing us. First, as human beings, this is killing us because it keeps us from hearing one another clearly. Secondly, as a nation of diverse people living together, this is killing us because it prevents us from respecting one another. Instead of having conversations based in truth we often work to protect our own lies and deceptions. The safeguarding of lies by the people is what the ruling classes depend on to keep us all under foot. This is why they prop up your sins from both sides of the table.  Often telling us whatever lie is more acceptable to our ears.

The system comes to you and whispers: have irresponsible sex with anyone you like and don’t worry if you get pregnant you can get an abortion. Then they come to you saying: hate them because they are stealing your jobs and you know full well you don’t even want the jobs they have. You know what the Republicans and Democrats put forth is lies but their lies justify your slacked and lazy behavior. They say do what you want. Men can be with men and women with women that’s no big deal. Then the truth of your death sentence comes when you realize you have cut off your generation from life. Man lying with man has not produced one human life yet we work to justify this behavior based on our feeling. But I digress, moving on. Next, they come to you saying: bomb the abortion clinic and kill the people inside their lives don’t count as life. Then you act all holy on Sunday as the collection plate passes. You justify killing in the name of unborn children while you murder another mother’s child. What values are these and how have you saved us from the murder of children?

From your opposing sides of hate and death, you come together to fight for life. Go ahead, fight in falsehood while you sell your souls and destroy your humanity. I mean, because really what does it matter the world is doomed anyway right?  America, I say to you as long as we hold to our lies we will never realize peace. To my people, unless we get right in our minds we will always be servants to the will of evil people. If America and the world are to be saved then we must all come to terms with the truth of the universe and the laws of nature. We must also come to terms with the lies we tell ourselves because we don’t want to face the discomfort of truth. I still hold out hope for my people and the human family that we all will see the light someday. Hell, if God can turn around a sin-sick soul like mine anything is possible. If you are not offended by what I have said that mean I have failed at my job to awaken the people to the truth. Please forgive me for my shortcomings I have tried to help my people and the world to open their eyes. My point is this: you can’t say you’re working for freedom and liberation of the people while maintaining your lies and hold on to evil.


Sengbe Ben Yosef ©2017

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