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Our World Is Burning


We will no longer protest against the system for what individuals do. If there are crooked men and women posing as cops we will find them and force them out and install in their place, upright citizens.

For the good of the nation, it is time for us as a people to hold the crooked poser’s accountable for what they do. The system is broken and peace loving people must build a new one. To do that every poser in our governmental system must be outed and exposed.

Peaceful and fair-minded people must band together to rid our country of racist and intolerant people who hide behind the system to destroy the peace. These people are a danger to freedom liberty and justice. Not only are they a danger now they are also a danger to the future of the nation.

Peaceful people must go to where the corrupt hide in our system and in our communities. It is there where we must put pressure on them. Our weapons will be shame and exposure and any official giving quarter to these corrupt individuals will be likewise exposed.

In this time like no other time, we must now decide what we will become of us. Shell we endure more of the same or do we as a nation have the capacity to change. Will work together to save the last remnants of our humanity or will we let it all burn down?

Sengbe Ben Yosef

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