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New Music From Mike Body

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Album Summary

This project is an authentic self examination about the reality of Mike’s journey. Highlighting the relationships that remain intact and those that were severed along the way. Peace is his final destination as he looks off into the sunset.


Mike Body Bio:

“Put God at the heart of your Music”

These were the words spoken to Mike as a spiritual baby by his big brother in christ, Kevin Alston. Kevin’s encouragement would help lay the foundation for an unexpected run at Christian Hip Hop. Since 2006 Mike Body continues to release music that edifies the soul and help inspire the marginalized and those that feel spiritually deficient. Witnessing and dealing with hardships of his own, Mike’s music is often catered to the downtrodden and the oppressed. Born and raised in Baltimore City around his favorite neighborhood called Poplar Grove, you’ll hear some of those influences that helped shape him as a boy into a man.

Signs Of Maturity 





Mike Body – Last Will And Testament:

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