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New Music From Mike Body


Get Up Dad” Fron the EP “Last Will and Testament“. Mike Body has appeared on our blog a few times you may recall him from our interview The Restoration from Dec 2016. If you missed it please check out the interview for a more In-depth look at Mike Body’s career and work as an artist. 


Get Up Dad”. The song has a powerful message about the need to uplift fathers in the black community.  In the song, Mike acknowledges the wrongs that black fathers have done but he also acknowledges the societal ills that help to manifest the phenomenon of the missing black dads. This song is one of encouragement and hope for the black family, manhood, and fathers. Mike also delivers a powerful message about the need for forgiveness in the black community and the work needed to heal past wounds. 


Mike Body and help bring awareness to this wonderful artist who is keeping the tradition of Hip-Hop music and its core function as massager of the black experience alive. Hip-Hip was born to give hope to a people and I believe this track is an example of the power of Hip-Hop to change hearts and minds. Please share and support this music.


Sengbe Ben Yosef

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