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Murdered While Rapping


XXXTentacion as he was known to his fans. His death was something that started me thinking about the amount of violence in Hip Hop and people take the gangster role to heart. When in fact Hip Hop is just music just like an action movie is just a movie; something we do for entertainment. What in the world is prompting people making music to act out what’s being said in the music in ways rarely seen in other genres of music?


XXXTentacion’s music but from what I have heard and seen he had lots of influence with his peer group. While XXX was not as big as Tupac or Biggie he did make an impact on millions of fans. However, just like Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Scott La Rock and so many others, he is another young rapper lost to gun violence. At some point, we have got to give young people a proper understanding of why Hip Hop was created in the first place. Hip Hop was the independent movement by inner-city youth who wanted a future without violence and murder. They came up with Hip Hop as a means to end violence in black and brown communities of America. Yet here we are today steeped in negativity, hatred and violence.





Sengbe Ben Yosef

#GunVoilence #HipHop #Rapper #XXXTentacion

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