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Justine Skye Remix by Sengbe


Justine Skye who has a great track out right now, entitled “You Don’t Know“. The track also features a rap by new comer Wizkid. The original music is creative and dope but I would like to highlight the remix by DMV. producer Sengbe Ben Yosef who has remixed a great piece of work. You can vote for Sengbe’s track on the indie music site “IndabaMuisc“.

To find out more about Justine Sky, Wizkid and Sengbe Ben Yosef click on the highlighted links above. To vote for Sengbe’s remix follow the link below. Thank you for your support and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to help move forward the dreams of indie musicians and artist.

Vote for Sengbe’s remix “You Don’t Know“.

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