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Greedy Rich White People

Let’s talk about elephant in the room.

    The real reason for all the troubles we see in the world is greedy rich white people. We always talk around this issue and it’s killing us all. We better address this issue with greedy rich white people before it’s to late. Greedy rich white people prey on us all with no regard for color of skin or personal background. The sooner we all come to terms with this the sooner we can all find peace…

    Every war and economic break down for the last 2,500 years has had to do with the greed of rich white people. Name one time in the last 2,500 years that some war or economic crisis didn’t have a group of greedy white people at the center of it? I know people don’t want to say this but no one can say I’m lying about what I’m saying here… We all know it’s true but when will people get courageous enough to do something about these crazy ass greedy rich white people.

     Before you condemn me think about what I’m saying. As I write this warning letter to my fellow human beings; somewhere there is a group of greedy rich white people planning more heartache and suffering for the everyday man and woman. We can stop this by realizing the truth and coming together on all fronts to push back against the agenda of these greedy people.

     There, I said it and now you can all kick me or kill the Messager if you like but it won’t change a thing. Your problem now and for the forseeable future is with rich greedy white people. You better do something to stop them before they end you.

Sengbe Ben Yosef



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