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Don’t Give Up

   People are quick to talk about business and how much they want to be successful but when they see all the hard work that must be done before the fame and money comes rolling in; many of those same people turn back and quit.

   If you really want it be successful at something be willing to go out on your shield. Sometimes you have to fall all the way down before you can get up. Don’t let the fact that you may fail or make mistakes stop you from reaching your goals.

   To succeed  in life you must be willing to risk everything. Make you plans and visualize the goal then take the leap. Everyone will think you have lost your mind but remember awaken people looking strange to those who are still sleeping. Don’t let the world around you affect what you believe is possible. Do your work and stay focused until the reality changes in you favor.

   This has been “A Weekly Word with Sengbe” and thank you for joining me. Brought to you by Days of Joy Entertainment and Music by Sengbe Bless Up!!!!

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