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Black Lives Matter #D.C. Events

This is the November scheduled for BLACK LIVES MATTER D.C… Please get out and support local activist in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Here is the event run down for November 2016.

Join PACA and Ms. Beverly Smith for a candlelight vigil marking 1 year to the day her only son Alonzo Fiero Smith aka “Zo”, was killed by two Security Officers employed by Blackout Investigations and Security Services, Inc. at Marbury Plaza Apartments. #Justice4Zo

Twitter Storm for #MarkGeorge Wednesday November 2, 2016 4PM EST.

Mark George was shot three times (back, side, and leg) from 40 feet away on October 14, 2016 by a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer in Southeast DC after responding to a call about gunshots heard in the area. We need as many people, organizations, and groups to post about Mark’s case using all of their social media accounts at least two times every day after the initial Twitter Storm November 2nd. We have created sample tweets and posts for you to use here. You can start tweeting and posting exactly at 4PM EST tomorrow.

Come pack the room with us. We also need as many people to testify as possible, especially those who have lost loved ones to police, been victims of police brutality, harassment, jump-outs, illegal searches, etc. to testify or submit written testimony or visit: Those who wanted to testify needed to sign up by close of business on 10/31/16. However, you can try to see if they will still add you. If you can’t come right at 5PM on Thursday just come when you can, it will be a long night.

Almost 2 months after MPD murdered Terrence Sterling there are still far too many questions, and MPD thinks we have moved on. This will be the largest mobilization for Terrence yet.

From the streets of SE, to Columbia Heights Metro, Petworth to the 3rd street tunnel, Black people continue to suffer and die at the hands of police in DC. We also cannot ignore a Mayor who lies about body camera footage, a Police Chairman found to have used unjustified force multiple times but never faced consequences, and officers creating fake warrants to justify illegal arrests.

A Message From Black Lives Supporters: As you know this work takes time, energy, and dedication. It also takes financial support. Please donate to help make sure we can continue to do this work. Thank you for your continued commitment to the fight for Black liberation.

 We look forward to seeing you all!

In solidarity,

Black Lives Matter DC is not affiliated with Days Of Joy Ent. or it’s blog. You may ccontact Black Lives Matter D.C. for more info on up coming events at

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