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Are You Really Here To Help?

Wait, who are you to tell us how to fight our fight??? My people have never been the ones bringing violence on so-called white people or the system… The system has been the purveyor of violence against my people and the world at large… I think you so called white people know that???

You can not do wrong to a people and then get upset when they have had enough and choose other means of defending themselves… Self defense is one of mans primal instincts and anyone who would deny a man the means to defend his life and the lives of those whom he love is no friend of that man…  So called white helper think of what you would be willing to do to get free were you the ones being oppressed…

If so-called white people are not ready to confront their own people about racism and put their lives on the line to have all people treated equally; then please save your help for some other group because we don’t need you…Remember this, my so called good white brothers and sisters; you can’t beat a man then get upset when he chooses to fight back… Those being oppressed and murdered have no obligation to follow in any moral code… They should by any means stop their oppressors…  

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