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American Hero

The Man Who Took A Stand While Sitting Down

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Many Americans are upset with young NFL star Colin Kaepernick  but I fail to see why anyone would be upset something as American as mom and apple pie? The right to protest your government for a redress of grievance is one of founding principles upon which this nation was foundered. But that is only if you’re not a person of color, in that case, you are the worse sort of person. As of late, it seems that America doesn’t want to hear the truth about what’s going on within the borders of this nation.  Whenever one of the citizens stand and makes it a point to speak out against something all Americans should be disgusted with and ashamed of; the system seems to pound on them.

A few days ago I had a chance to listen to Mr. Keapernick explain his reasoning for not rising at football games when the national anthem was played. What he said was as plain and concise as anyone could say it and I found nothing offensive in it, but it seems many Americans were offended. What Colin said was very easy to understand and one would think that would be the end of all the hostel feelings towards Mr. Keapernick but again you would be wrong. It seems the clearer his message got the more angry people became. Which for me seems crazy when you think that in a free country people would be upset with someone for expressing the basic freedoms guaranteed to all Americans.

I think we all know what Kaepernick was saying and we all understand he spoke the truth but because he is a person of color no one feels he has the right to take a stand, or in this case take a seat. They say America has come a long way but I don’t see it. Today a man spoke out for the people; not just his people but for all Americans and instead of embracing him many of us condemn him and speak vile and nasty things about a man who is taking a stand for us all. Mr. Kaepernick should be proud of himself because he is in good company. He has sided with those American men and women of good nature who have gone before him. Men and women who took a stand for righteousness and because of them this country is the nation many love today.

The world may not care for Colin Kaepernick today but I believe his actions will prove to the world that was on the right side of things. As for those condemning him, history will remember you and she will not be forgiving of you and your actions. When this story is told to your children they will be disgusted with you and the world will remember your shame. You might say: what shame is that? To that, I say the shame you have brought upon yourselves for accusing a man of not standing for freedom when in fact it was you who attempted to drown out American liberty freedom and justice. When this story becomes the legend of Colin Kaepernick it is you who will be playing the part of the villain.

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