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A White KIng


The reason I bring this up is because recently I have been reading some interesting information about St Nickolas whom some say may have been a black man. St Nickolas in case you didn’t know is where they get the story of Santa Claus or Father Christmas. What they are saying about St. Nickolas is a story I’m inclined to believe based on the fact the system (Old Rome) whitewashed the description of the sweet baby Jesus; whom this holiday Christmas is supposed to be about. Furthermore by them whitewashing the story of Jesus the system (New Rome) gained a tremendous mental advantage of the masses both black and white. For blacks, this is an effective mind control because it says to blacks your people have never done anything worthwhile. It also suggests that whites are indeed the better race because even god himself chose to come in the personage of a white man. For whites, how could they not be tempted believe in such thing? After all who wouldn’t want to be connected to the story of a courageous man like Jesus?

Also, this thought came to mind because in 100 years the story of Yeshua aka sweet baby Jesus may lose ground with the young people who have become disenchanted with the Idea of religion and because of that they may seek out other belief system or human stories to believe in. I used Dr. King because his story is a compelling human story and his message, image and character status has reached legendary heights in our lifetime. Like Jesus, he stood up and spoke out against the oppressors of his day. Also like Jesus, Dr. King is now being celebrated by those who in life hated him but death they have become his greatest champions. Some of the people in power today were the same people in the days of King calling him a trouble maker but they quote Dr. King if they loved him.

This has always been the way they have kept control by assuming the identities of those whom they have previously ruled over. It’s their way of resetting the matrix. Have you seen the movie called The Matrix? If not let me summarize for you. Basically, The Matrix was the story of a savior who came and died for the people but behind the scenes, there were forces working to reset the system before too many people woke up.With that said try to understand my reasoning and see that I am trying to preserve the truth. My aim is not to promote black over white or to bring forth some sort of black supremacy to overshadow white supremacy.

I only wish to have the stories of my people told properly especially after so many years of lies and misinformation about so-called black people. We all must work to preserve the truth about the contributions of all people, not just black and whites because in this is our best chance to end racism and bigotry. Historical truth is a tool that we can use to give value to all os humanity and it is the only way for us to break the controls held over us by the system (New Rome). Man/Womankind must if it hopes to survive take up the fight to protect the history of humanity from those who would rewrite it to keep us all imprisoned forever. Sengbe Ben Yosef ©2016

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