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A Christmas Lie

When I was a child I love to learn about the truth. I never believed in Xmas not even from a young age. One of my earliest memories of this time of year took place back when I was about 3 or 4. I waited until everyone was asleep and I went down to my grandma and granddad’s room and tap my grandma and said: Grandma everyone is asleep let get out the toys and play.

She smiled at me and said what toys? I said: the ones you got me for Xmas. She said that’s good you see everything and ain’t nobody going to pull the wool over your eyes. Again she smiled and said take your little pissy ass back upstairs. I love my grandma she always kept it 100 plus. She would always give me the truth no matter what. 

On the hand my granddad was just as truthful only his truth came with a bit of a sting… Some nights he would let me get away with pissing in the bed as long as I promised not to tell my grandma but he would never let me believe in Santa. He use to say: shid I’m Santa and don’t you forget it. He was never the one to pull any punches or play up lies to make life easy for you. He always told it like it was. 

I tell you these things  because I’m wondering how long we will sell our souls for this lie? We line up to make people who don’t give a dam about us rich. Meanwhile we lead our children and the coming generations to the same lies that have kept us down.

How many of you will put yourselves in the hole to make good on the lie of Xmas? I think it’s time for this lie to die don’t you?

Have a safe week good people and hope you at least saved some money for the truth of the coming bills you will owe because of you need for lies.


Sengbe Ben Yosef.

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