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Hello!!! Friends!!!

Today is father’s day a great day to show thanks to all the dads… I hope you will show the dads as much respect as you have shown the moms on mother’s day… The reason I say that is, some people use this holiday to vent their frustrations against their dad… When they should be honoring the dads who have worked tirelessly to be the best men they know how and have done all that they can to support their wives and children… I know what you thinking right now but it has no place in today’s celebration… Let me tell you why I feel this way… No matter what your relationship with your dad has been; he is one of the reasons you are here today and for that reason alone you should fall to your knees and thank GOD that you have or had a father to help bring you in to this world; without that friends we’d have nothing to talk about… I know some dads have come up short of the mark and some have not even tried to make a mark but never the less they are dads and it’s time we stop talking about the hate we feel for them and stop letting that hate continual to fester in our lives like a virus… The time has come to heal the divide between fathers and their children… Friends if we can not find it in our hearts to forgive, we will only repeat the same things again and again… Now ask yourself is this what you want for your children??? To continual the cycles of hatred that has plagued us for generations… Or would you like to see a healing??? I personally would like to see a healing of the family and a return of the fathers roll in the household… We have been without that for far too long and it’s high time we do something about that… First my brothers we got to start setting better examples for our children and being more compassionate towards our women… In other words; we must give them a reason to trust us again… Second sisters when the man is trying to make that change don’t join the world in beating him down; give him a reason to try a little harder… Because you want your children to have a chance to grow up in one piece as whole people knowing where they come from and who they are… Third children if you have a dad that is not doing all that you think he should; then go to him and talk to him if you can… Because you hating him is the same as hating a part of yourself and no one can be a whole person hating a part of them… I wrote this with the hope that someone would read it and be inspired to try change and stop hating fathers so we can start the process of healing the family … I did not write this to make excuses for the men … My only hope is to have a world where every child has self love because the self love of a single child can save a nation from damnation and destruction… Don’t believe me? Then go read the story of Yeshua (Christ)… It was the self love of Yeshua (Christ) that gave us a chance; Him laying down His life so we might have life as GOD intended… Friend turn back to GOD!!! Get back to all that GOD has given us; because it is the gift of family that Yeshus (Christ) came and die for… That we might be saved and be able to enter in to the kingdom of GOD the FATHER of all fathers… Lastly friends if you can’t bring yourself to forgive and celebrate your biological father; I ask you to pray on it some more… But until you can forgive celebrate GOD the FATHER… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!! I love you all & be blessed

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