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I was listening to the radio earlier today & the host of this local radio show had some young men on from the surrounding communities asking questions about the hood & what’s happening in the streets… I think the young men were very brave to go on the show give the fact that they are the victims of the society & I think it’s a$$ backwards to ask the victim of a crime to give insight on how to deal with crime before we deal with the criminals causing the crimes in the first place… We are always ready to blame the victim in this country… I mean we say some of the dumbest shit to victims; you know shit like (you were in the wrong place at the wrong time) WTF!!! Is that??? Like I knew some ass was going to shoot up the place… That why our kids can’t hear us when we’re talking because we always talking out the side of our necks… I don’t think host of the show realized how much of a disconnect there is between young & old… If we can’t live by what we preach to young people they will always see us as hypocrites & they will go on not heeding our warnings… So old’ins; hear this!!! you have to live the example you want young to follow… You can’t talk them in to shape you have to show them… But the question is can you handle that; are you ready to step up & do what needs to be done???

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