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The Worst Of Both Worlds


Now that the final selections for president of the United States have been made and all the debates are over and done let me weigh in if I may. For mouths, we have been bombarded by the media and all the sickness from the final candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both have accused the other of racism and criminal behavior but if you ask me they are both guilty of racism and criminal activity. These people are the worst of both worlds and no matter who wins America is going to be the big loser. Many Americans will be holding their noses come Election Day. They may want to think about investing in a gas mask because this smell in going to linger for decades to come.

Hillary and her family are solely responsible for the mass incarceration of many non-violent Americans of African descent and the further breakdown of the black family. Hillary’s political life is littered with criminal allegations and hints of crimes that have gone unpunished. Donald is no different in his actions and ideologies about race. In the 70’s Donald discriminated against Americans of African descent when they attempted to move into apartments owned by Donald and his father. Most think Donald’s racist behavior started when he decided to run for the highest office in the land but Donald has been on the path of hate and race baiting.  As for Donald’s crimes he has left a trail of victims in his path from illegal business deals unpaid workers and now he has even been accused of sexual assaults.

Never mind all of that because everyone should know by now that these candidates are simply the worst that America could put forth at this time in our troubled history. We would be better served if through a rock in a crowded dark room and selected whomever the rock hit. That aside, what I find really troubling is the fact that these two despicable people try to pander for black votes and the whole time they are so racist in their approach that they can’t even see it.  Hillary with her racist shit about hot sauce of the radio show “The Breakfast Club”. Really tramp? Donald is just as sicken with all his talk about all black people having sad lives and not having jobs. In my world 90 plus percent of the black people I know word hard and it’s been that way all my life and I’m from the ghetto. What an asshole.

Sadly there are many Americans of African descent drinking the cool-aid that Donald and Hillary are supplying to voters. Both candidates are talking at black people and really addressing the issues and concerns of blacks. To me, this is nothing more than the arrogance of privilege that Americans of European descent feel when they are talking to black people. When they speak they sound as if they think they own us and they seem to be fighting for the control of the plantation and deal with us is just a formality of doing business. I don’t know what the outcome of this election will be but I’m hoping that my people we learn to see through this game and begin to think of true solutions for our people because neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party cares what happens to Americans of African descent. They fooled us before so many times let’s rethink the ball game and find the move that best fits what we need. God gave us all we need to be a successful people.

Sengbe Ben Yosef All rights reserved ©2016


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