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The New Slave Era

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We should have seen or heard news of the sale of African slaves in the war ravaged country of Libya. If not you must be asleep or maybe you just don’t give a damn. Like with most issues that affect melanated people the world seems to never care. I have known for some time now that world has no love for melanated people but the disturbing part for me has been knowing that most of my people don’t care about the issues that we face as a people. The world have never cared for the so-called black race so it is unlikely that the world would care about what’s happening in Libya.

I will try my best not to talk about cruelty of the world when it comes to issues or race and color. Instead I will in this story attempt to show the direct links between American and European foreign policies that have a direct affect on the lives of melanated people in places like Libya. Some of you weren’t around in the late 70’s and the mid 80’s but that was the first time most Americans heard the name Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi was the leader of the Libyan people from 1977 to his death in 2011. Before that he was a the Chairman of the Libyan Arab Republic from 1969 to 1977. For the greater part of 40 years Gaddafi lead the Libyan people. He was also a great organizer among Africans nations. He had a great sense of generosity for the people of Africa no matter race creed or color. I was very sad to see him die the way he did at the hands of some of his own people who he had liberated.

During the 80’s Muammar Gaddafi became household name. He even became a hero to some of the street husltlers in my hometown of Washington D.C.. This was during the presidency of Ronald Reagan or as many of the older folk in the community would call him “Ronny Ray-Gun. Reagan was a Hollywood B actor turned politician. He started out as governor of California and eventually landed in the White House after the character assassination of America last freely elected President James Carter, better know to us as Jimmy to all Americans. But, that is a subject for another time. Getting back to Reagan or should I say the hands that prompted Reagan’s ever move in the White House?

What I mean by my last statement is, everyone who is of sound mind knows back then that Ray-Gun was the front man for the power elites in America and he really had no say in governing America. Remember I told Reagan was an actor but what I didn’t say is that it was rumored that Reagan also suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s. So, I guess we could say Reagan was playing his greatest role. The role of an old man pretending to have his shit together. Meanwhile he was nothing more than a pupet with someones hand up his ass. Many believe him to be America’s greatest president but me I think he was a racist dick. While in office Reagan managed to turn the world against Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan people.  Shades of Bush 911 and things to com. Reagan painted a picture of Gaddafi as a mad man and dictator. Hell, even I was shaken by what Reagan promoted about Gaddafi.

It was only after I had become an adult that I realized the American people where being lied too. Reagan and the Elites only real beef with Gaddafi was he was trying to do what was best for the people of Libya and the African continent on a whole. Reagan would pass by the wayside but European and American disdain for free thinking men like Gaddafi would remain. Throughout Presidencies Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama America would continue its evil policies against Gaddafi and his people. Midway through the presidency of King Bush the second America began to cool its heels on Gaddafi. They had their aim set on bigger goals for the Middle East and Africa.

The reason America would cool it’s heels on Libya and Gaddafi is because the power elites had come with a new plan that was reviled after September 11, 2001. The full plan was laid out a few years later by General John Wesley Clark. In 2007 General Clark told the American people the truth about the war in Iraq and the plan to restructuring or should I say recolonizing of the Middle East and Africa. General Clark side that seven countries were on the hit list that America was building under the pretense that it had to with September 11. Those countries were listed as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. To date all but one of these countries have falling into chaos. All the while unsupecting Americans were waving the flag and fanning the fames of war.

Now this brings us back to Libya and the reason why slaves are being sold in Africa again. Well, maybe I should say: this is why the slave trade continues in Africa. But for now I want focus on Libya. The main cause of what’s happening in Libya is because America and Europe are both financially bankrupt and the plan made by Gaddafi and other Middle Eastern and African leaders would desimaed the ecconomies of Europe and America. Gaddafi and the gang looked to move away from the Dollar, British Pound and the Euro. That move would change the landscape and leveled playing field to help African and Middle Eastern nations to regain power over their people and resources. This would have meant melanated people would have been in the seat of power.

This move would have ended westernized control over the world’s resources and people. Under no circumstance could this plan be allowed to go forth. In the minds of the western elites is a no-no because they feel that only they were meant to govern the world. I don’t know if slavery Libya was the intent of the elites but none the less they had to know it could happen. At the center of it leading the cheers for the overthrow of Gaddafi and other world leaders was none other than Hillary Clinton. Yes this is the same Hillary Clinton whose husband set policies calling for the mass incarceration of young poor people in America. In particular the call was for the incarceration of young people of color in America to be jailed or done away with. Hillary herself had on many occasions referred to young black youth as gang of predators who needed to be serverly dealt with. She even said that America needed to put them down as if she was referring to a lame horse or dog.

So, it is no wonder that 20 some odd years later we find Hillary Clinton’s finger prints on the smoking gun. Hillary seems to always be at the center of any issue that lands black people in prison or chains. We can tell that she is evil just look how she acted when Gaddafi was assassinated on live T.V.. I knew about her hatred of melanated people because her past history and worship of Margaret Sanger the renown racist who once advocated for the extermination of all African people. Looking back I have to wonder if she was happy about Gaddafi being killed or was it something more? The way she bounced up and down on her seat on the CBS interview as they murdered Gaddafi now leads me to believe that she was exited about what was to come rather than what was happening. Make no mistake the Clintons are pupets too but they seem to enjoy their role in the killing of innocent people more than the others who have come before them.

I am sadden in my heart at the turn of affairs in Libya and I know that the enemies of melanated people are celebrating these events and misfortune of African people. Evil people everywhere are happy to know that blacks suffer but I have no fear my people this will be the last time. Soon those who follow in the ways of evil will be dealt a punishing blow by the universe. Nothing can last forever and this time of evil happenings for melanated people will pass and we shell be lifted higher. They do these things to us to make us lose hope and to put fear in us but we are not afraid anymore. We have survived the chains, the whip and their plans for our extermination and our people will survive Libya.

What we must do now is not be shaken by this but be emboldened to do more and to speak out. We must build ourselves up again and become a new melenated people. I often hear my people’s teachers speak of our great past and I respect all the work they have done to expose who we really are but the time has come to build up the kingdom of the melenated peoples of the world. Our time has come and those in charge know it, so they turn to ghost of the past to frighten us off the path. Neither slavery nor police lynchings of unarmed black people will change what the universe has called for. The power that in the universe has called for melenated people to come out from bondage and to be free as never before. Not even our glorious past will be comparable to the kingdom to come.

I hope I have given you an account of what Libya is really about and it is also my hope that you will not lose faith in who are and what we can become. This is bother Sengbe Ben Yosef signing out until next time. I wish peace and blessings upon those of you who believe and upon those of you who are willing to fight for change. Believe in the prophecy and the destiny of our people and don’t them steal your hope for a batter day. Pray for Libya but take actions as well because as we know faith without works is dead. Bless up!!!

Sengbe Ben Yosef


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