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Make A Change

Dear Friends

       Today I have been sitting and thinking. Why is the world we live in so wrong headed? Why is it that we can’t seem to bring peace to the front in this life? Is it imposable for us to conceive that we can have peace or maybe we have lost all hope? Can it be that we as human beings lack belief especially those who claim to believe in GOD? With all the teachers and preachers and their knowledge and claims of knowing GOD or peace one might get the impression that there is nothing to be concerned about, but I think there is reason for concern. All the religions of the world seem to have no effect on the problem they have no solutions or maybe they have become a part of the problem. I don’t know, but one would think that with all the many religions and the multitude self proclaimed pervious of peace that we would have figured out how to have peace by now. Now with that said I would like to try and help, I don’t know if I can but still I would like to try. I will start by saying that I’ am of no particular religious sect but I do believe in the teachings of peace as given by Yeshua (Jesus Christ) I also believe that there is only one GOD and that GOD is the LORD of all creation and GOD’S name I’m not fit or worthy to know. Nor am I worthy to know all that GOD knows and so I humble myself that GOD may find me excitable enough to point me the way to peace or give me the ability to find solutions to my problems as well as the worlds. I begin by ask all followers of religious methodology no matter what religion to start liven your religion as written so that we may have a chance to change from the sick and sad world in which we live. This not to say that I know GOD’S will for man or to say that one can not have internal peace while living in this world, no this is only to try an have external peace with all living beings. Some of you may think that I’ am trying to leave GOD out of this quest for world peace but I’ am not doing that at all I’ am simply asking all you of good faith to believe in your doctrine which is the methodology by which you hope to encounter GOD if this is not so then I ask you to do nothing. Stand aside let those who wish for a time of peace lead us now as Christ leaded us. To the christen Yeshua (Jesus Christ) has shown you the way and given clear evidence of how the time of peace would be known to all who believe. I give you what he has already said so there can be no mistake read for your self the words of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) then ask GOD to point you the way. You see friends it is not my hope to save the world but I do hope that some of us might be saved. I know only GOD can save the world and the souls of all humankind. Yet I hold to a firm belief that this was part of the reason for GOD sending Yeshua (Jesus Christ). The whole reason only GOD knows but I think GOD wanted us to have a chance for salvation and what is written in the Holy Bible is for those who hear and see that they may not die but receive GOD rest. Now as I say I have no religious sect and I put no limitations on how GOD can talk to GOD’S people and so I believe that there are many books like the Holy Bible that contain GOD’S word so I believe in the writings of some of those books also. One might at this time say you are not a believer of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) if you read those other  writings but it is because of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) I believe this to be true. Here is what Yeshua (Jesus Christ) said in the gospel of Matthew 12:25-34 please read it your self don’t take my word. In this chapter of the Bible I strongly believe that Christ the anointed was attempting to show us how to do a bit of problem solving for ourselves. So look for your self at the Holy Quran and see the many good things contained with in its pages and then think why would the devil give people the means to help them selves or why would he care. Still there are some of you saying he is trying to deceive us with this talk, ok, maybe, but you can read for your self don’t trust me I’ am man. Now I will go on for if you have ears you will listen and if you have eyes you will see. Lets not leave out  other writings that I feel have a wealth of goodness to offer one such book is the Tibetan book of the dead it’s reading is a little different but I have found some blessing with in it’s pages especially concerning death and dealing with the fear of death. This and the teachings of Buddha I have found most helpful when dealing with the mental aspects of life such as watching what is taking place in my mind and some thing you can practice to help heal the mind. By now some of you have condemned me dammed me to hell. So I give more reasons for my feelings and again it is because Yeshua (Jesus Christ) I feel this way. His statement I’ am in this world but not of this world seem to a little odd at first because the Bible gives no clear instructions on how one can reach this state of being but by using some the techniques that are taught in Yoga I can now see how this statement by Christ can be true. Reading these books has not shaken my faith in the Holy Bible but more the opposite they given me and unshakable knowledge that GOD is the LORD of all things. Now I say to you bothers and sisters let us stand tall in the fields and show our good stock so that we are not passed over when the harvest comes. As GOD has commanded us lets us care for the widows and orphans of the world let us do good works that are pleasing to GOD let us humble ourselves to GOD that he may forgive us our sins let us start today. If I have said something out of order I pray GOD forgive me but what I have said was with the hope that some day all GOD’S will be done as GOD would have it also with the hope that we all can find GOD’S rest. Peaces to you until peace comes to us all GOD bless you and I wait to here from you. What do you think?

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