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Hi Friends

Hi Friends

          I have not talk to you guys, in a long time but there have been some tings on my mind, and I just didn’t know how to express them. Now I want to try and may GOD guide my words. See friends lately I have been thinking a lot about the world, and the state of humanity. I look out on the world, and I see that the adversary has workers on every post through out the earth. Meanwhile the workers of righteousness sit idle, while GOD’s people are being eaten up by the lies of the Dark Ones.

          They have begun a powerful new massage and it is a very dangerous message. They are saying that there is no GOD!!! Also they are saying that there is no proof that GOD exist, even though the evidence is all around us. This message is powerful because no one has step up among the people to challenge this hypocrisy.

          These liars live off what my GOD provides, and then say that, there is nothing there, no GOD. They say we are only imagining the existence of GOD, and we have no proof GOD exist. They claim evolution is their evidence yet in the evolutionary theory there is only theory no hard evidence. If man has evolved why are we not still evolving? Even though this is a reasonable question they still sayDarwin’s theory gives us all the answers we need. Expect one! Where did the source of life come from and what power produced it and why? To this they have on answer.  

          I say to those hypocrites you do not know what produce the origins of life no more than you know the origins of the air in your lungs. When I say this to some of them, they begin explaining every little insignificant detail about how life works but, no answer to how it came to be this way. Just because you no how something works doesn’t mean you know how it came in to existence. I liken this type of attitude to an ungrateful child who says to their mother after birth. Mom you ain’t shit to me! But only mom knows who your daddy is and you are left to guess.

          There are other things about this new movement that become very up setting to me, when I looked at how they are using the bible and other books of spiritual insight, out of context to lead people astray. Making statements like the human errors in these books, are proof that GOD does not exist. What!!! This is totally ridiculous. I guess they could be right if not for one thing. These books are in existence for the spirit of man/woman and they are created more for that purpose than any other reason. So unless you read these books from this point of view you do not understand shit.

          Good people the time has come for those of us who know to speak up to say something about the condition of our world. We must show the backsliders that there is a GOD in the land. Who will be our David? Who will run out to meet the philistines at the gate? Who will stand for the innocent widows and orphans? If not you and I who will do this, who will undertake such a task? My brothers and sisters the time has come the day grows old. We must begin to read the book’s of spiritual insight then act on what we know to be right. I truly feel that this a battle we can’t walk away from we must stand up now.

          The Dark ones have their agents out there in the form of Pimp, Hustler, Banker, Entertainer, Preacher, Pope, Social worker, Police officer and more. So we must prepare to go to the places they go. To stand for justice and truth where there is none and be advocates of decency. In the Holy Bible Matt 10:9-20 Yeshua (Jesus) said to his disciples go out. In this chapter of the Bible Yeshua (Jesus) give us clear instructions. He also gave us a clear understanding of what we may encounter. So go out to meet the philistines with your slingshot in hand, and go out we must; for the war of good and evil is being waged every moment. Let us make the way of the LORD straight.

          If you have life in you friends spend it doing good things Use the time you GOD gives you through grace to live in accordance with what we know to be right. Do not sit idle waiting for GOD for the LORD has placed a charge on your life and we must act. All that we need GOD has given us, so now we must work for a worker is worthy of his food. We were not created to be slave of this world no; we were created for a finer more divine purpose. We are the servants of the most high GOD and he gave us dominion over all the earth. So be bold and courageous in these most trying time that the servants of darkness might know that we the children of GOD are able and ready.


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