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Guns to Have or Not to Have:

That is The Question

You will not agree with my next statement but I must say it; guns are good its people who have the problems. So to all you anti-gun nuts I say: leave me the fuck alone. Sense you don’t believe in people having guns next time someone commits a crime against you don’t call the police because they have guns too. The real issues go unaddressed because we focus on everything but the root causes of human violence. We often overlook real solution that could make life better because were too busy trying to hand over our responsibilities to others.

Responsible and good citizens should arm themselves not just as a safeguard against an overreaching government but as matter of protecting our homeland from inner and outer forces that would attempt to harm the people and their God-given right to live free. I do not believe in violence and or using guns to solve my problems. I believe it is always better to avoid violence but I also come from an upbringing that says: It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

With that said; I am deeply sad in my heart to inform you anti-guns nuts that I will be keeping my guns. It’s not a matter of not being able to live without a gun it is more a matter of having the freedom to own whatever I like as long as I do no harm. Also, I think it is silly to punish the entire society for the actions of a few.  Furthermore, I believe making more laws without taking a deep look at the root causes of violence in our country will only to muddy the waters and keep us from seeing real solutions.

Lastly, I understand that a lot of evil has been done with guns and many people have been hurt by them but I also understand that guns are a part of this reality. With that in mind, I say this: even though guns have been the cause of so much pain they have also help deliver many good and wholesome people from the hands of evil men. Until all guns are destroyed and done away with it is the job of decent and good people to own them for the protection of all we hold dear and sacred.

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