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Gun Control Nuts


You gun control nuts have gone off the deep end. The 2nd amendment is not about hunting or school shootings. It’s about securing the people’s freedoms and rights should the government turn on the people and the law. With that said; the people should be able to have good enough weapons to hold off such an attack by our government. So yes, we need weapons like the AR15 because you don’t really think we can hold the government off with the use of muskets do you?

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Hell when I was a child I fought the bully I didn’t win most times but they left me alone because it was easier for them to pick on children that didn’t fight back. Bullies are cowards and they are lazy so they don’t want deal with you if they know you are going to fight back. We really need to teach proper conflict resolution and show the children settle this matters without the need for egregious levels of violence. 

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