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This month we honor young R&B singer songwriter from our nation’s capital Washington DC. The artist Fùnsho (formerly known as Seph Ade) has a very unique style of music that in keeping with today’s music but he takes his concepts to new levels of perfection this is artist has very stylish and captivating music. I have been listening to Fùnsho for about six months and I felt the need to make my readers aware of this hidden talent.

This young artist has amazing vocal range and music talent. All though he has made waves on Youtube doing cover song make no mistake he is an original artist. His published work is wonderful. His first project is entitled

Love Acoustically and it is truly beautiful. The album has that classic feel and I know anyone that listens will fall in love with the sound. The entire album is dope but one of my favorites is the track Sweet Lover.

Fùnsho’s latest project is entitled S-H-E (Sound Has Emotions) and just like the first album this one is imaginative, inspiring and sexy. The mix of R&B and Hip-Hop on some of the tracks is some of the best work I have heard from a young artist in a while. The track I want to highlight is called Tonight; it is ready for prime time, This project has helped to move this artist forward in his creative abilities and I’m sure it will catch on with the listeners.

Okay I have talked enough and now I leave to allow time to explore this one of a kind artist. I really believe in the talent of this artist and I know if we support him the music will grow and who knows what could happen. Now the official music video for the track

“Tonight” I hope you enjoy it and be on the lookout for Fùnsho he is going places


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